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December 14th, 2009

Deciding on Invitations – LOVE at first sight.

Thomas and I want a unique wedding…I suppose who doesn’t, right? We love all the quirks that make us individual, and we love all the quirks we have together.  We’re quirky.  So we wanted an invitation that was equally quirky, uniqely us and yet kinda vintage-like, because that’s what we like!

wedding invitation sample
So try explaining that to a designer: we want an invite that’s quirky, but serious, but fun, but festive, but formal, but not too formal, kinda vintage, and kinda modern.  We want an OXYMORON.  I suppose it’s not really surprising given that he and I are opposites in many ways…but I digress.

While obsessing looking online through various searches I stumbled upon a little slice of perfection…except it was someone else’s wedding invitation.  Hmmm…how could I steal imitate that look? Was it something I could recreate?  Being that we’re on a budget for our wedding, we are trying to cut corners where we can, but it’s not like I’m gonna hop down the aisle in a potato sack or like we’re gonna skimp on cake…we’re just conscious.

Once I deduced I could not in fact recreate the invitation (at least not to the level of being proud to send it out to our 100 guests with it bearing my name as the thief designer of the invite).  So the next best thing: I called a graphic designer friend and said, I want this invite reworded for my wedding – can you do it?  Unfortunately he couldn’t – I mean he COULD do it, but he didn’t have the time to do it.  Hmmm – back to square one.

What did I do then? I talked about the famous invite to anyone who would listen.  Luckily I did this with one of my friends who you could call a mover and a shaker – she gets things done.  And she gets them done GOOD.  SO I was showing her the site and she’s all, “Why don’t you just email the girl and see if she’ll make them for your wedding?”

And I’m like, “Uh, because she’s probably WAY out of our price range, not to mention I can’t tell her I want her to give me her wedding invite for myself!”

“Ok,” she says, “I’ll tell her.”

She then proceeds to email the girl and explain the situation – I saw her site/invite, I fell in love, I couldn’t recreate it, and now I’m begging for some direction. Can she help me?

And wouldn’t you even know – the girl lives in DALLAS. I’m serious. It’s like she was an angel sent from heaven! Not only that, but she and her (now) husband also did a long distance relationship like Thomas and I are doing!  AND – she was a bride-on-a-budget so she knows exactly how we feel! Praise the Lord for Divine Appointments!

After several go-arounds, and a quote later – Thomas and I decided we would spend money on the invitations and have them professionally done by Ivana at Love Ardently.  We are thrilled!

Now the fun part comes – she designs and we decide! I’ll keep you updated!

November 7th, 2009

Bird Watching

On Bianca’s most recent visit to Florida we decided to head over to the local Hobby Lobby to gather some creative ideas for the wedding. Our top priority on this outing was boutonniere ideas. Neither of us are fans of the typical and traditional but I think she might have got more than she bargained for when she said yes to my proposal (might have had something to do with her tunnel vision on that ring). Needless to say, any mundane thing can turn into an adventure when I’m around…

thomas and a bird 2

“This one is nice huh? Pretty simple, not too flashy. Oh yeah, the blue isn’t one of the wedding colors. Good call. Ok, I’ll keep looking sweetheart…”

thomas and a bird 4

“What about this one? It’s white, and really beautiful babe. I love how it just looks like it’s going to take me and fly away. I feel like this could really be the one. Ok, you’re right, better not get settled on one just yet, I’ll keep looking around to make sure I can’t find something better. Never know what else we might find…”

thomas and a bird 3

“BABE! Check this out! Man am I glad you suggested we keep looking! Look At THIS!! It’s perfect! It has the green to go with the wedding colors and everything! If we go with this one we will have to get one for both of our dad’s as well. If my dad saw this and didn’t get to wear one I think he would get pretty jealous… Ok, I’ll keep looking with you, but I’m gonna put this one in the basket…”

thomas and a bird 5

“Hey, here’s a good possibility. It’s got a lot of personality and I think if we just colored the blue spots white it would look pretty freakin’ awesome! And with the feather’s hanging off the back it’s kinda like a male version of the bride’s train on her dress. I could see this starting a whole new trend in modern weddings. I think Martha Stewart would give this idea 2 thumbs up! No?! Hmmmm, something  a bit more simplistic and not so colorful huh…”

thomas with wedding doves

“Ok, Wedding Doves it is. Now it’s time for me to fly….”

September 17th, 2009

First Order of Business: Pick a location

You might be thinking: Don’t you need a date first before you pick a location?


Yes, you should have a date in mind, however, if it is a unique date or a popular date, you may want to first check to see if you can get a location for that date!  We have found that several venues that were nice options immediately got knocked off our list because they don’t have the date we want available.

Right now our plan is to nail down a location, then we will announce the date!  For those minds wanting to know, we have decided where the wedding will be – in terms of major geographical location.

Originally Thomas and I both liked the idea of the destination wedding.  But, what we liked more than that, was knowing all the people we want at the wedding could have a fair chance at coming to the wedding.  So, after much thought and consideration, we’ve decided to have it here, in Texas!

Either way we went both of our parents would have had to travel to the wedding site, but the majority of both of our friends live here, I live here and this is what I (after years of getting used to it) call my HOME.  In fact, Thomas calls Texas home even though he’s moved all over the place.  I guess the old adage, there’s no place like home, rings true.

So we are on the hunt for beautiful outdoor locations in the North Texas area.  We have a couple of very sentimental places we are considering, but we haven’t picked anything for sure.  We are keeping our options, and minds, very open to see what the Lord provides for us.  Stay tuned….