Seeing as how it will soon be about a month since I’ve posted on here…I figure it’s probably a good indicator that I am taking some time off.

I LOVE cooking, but between the hubs fasting, my recent bout with flu-like symptoms and the fact that we are moving halfway across the US in 2 weeks, it’s fair to say my cooking has been on hold.

Major hold.

Buy-premade-$8-pizza-from-Sam’s hold.

I don’t even like pizza.

These days I don’t like ANYTHING.

Except for Gatorade. And bananas. And bland foods.

I hate taking such a long break, because the last time I did that it turned into a couple of years! However, this is not like last time. My hope is that once we move to Texas and settle in, I will be back to my old baking queen persona and you’ll be able to enjoy my tasty treats!

Without making any promises, I’m striving for 4 weeks from today.

In the interim I might entertain you with random ramblings reminicent of my early blog days.

Or I might leave ya hanging.

In either case – don’t forget about me!

Until the oven is pre-heating again…


5 Comments to “vacation”

  1. So if we were in person right now
    and you told me this, I would totally give you a knowing look, wink at you and make a comment about how you must be pregnant. ;) Mostly because several of my friends who had “the flu” ended up being pregnant, ha! Plus everyone around me assumes I’m pregnant every 5 minutes so I just want to assume about someone else. ;) Aaaanyway, looking forward to more of your delicious recipes next month. Hope the move goes smoothly!
    Rach recently posted..Jasper, the foster pup

  2. I’m with friend above…that was my guess. I was going to tell you that you ARE baking–”a bun in the oven”!! Mwah ha ha.

  3. Hahaha! You gals are so funny! There is nothing to report right now but I promise if/when the day comes, I’ll let you girls know BEFORE it goes public :)

    Thanks for the comments ladies – hope to be back blogging soon!
    Bianca recently posted..vacation

  4. Hope you are feeling better! Good luck on the move :)
    E @ Act Fast Chef recently posted..Tuesday Edition: Kitchen Tip

  5. Hope you come back soon!! =)
    val recently posted..Strawberry Guacamole

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