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Hubs let me plan our date night a couple weeks ago. He said he didn’t care where we went, what we did, etc.; my two criteria were that it be something out of the house and that I was present (duh!).  Almost immediately I knew what I wanted to do! You see, downtown Jacksonville is divided by the St Johns River. This is not a problem if you are driving in a car since a large bridge connects the two sides, but if you are walking around downtown you have to take a water taxi to get to the other side. The water taxi also offers $5 boat rides to all 5 stops along the river. It’s about a 30-45 minute roundtrip and it’s a great way to see all the downtown areas.

I didn’t tell hubs where we were going – he had NO idea! I told him to bring the camera and get ready for a fun, cheap, relaxing time!  We got to the stop a little early so we waited on the pier until it arrived.  Hubs took advantage of the wait and took some pictures of the scenery…including me!

I swear he could get a job with the paparazzi after he retires from the Navy…

or maybe it’s just that he likes me as the subject!

Both of us would rather be behind the lens, but we’re good sports about having our picture taken!

We made it to downtown by about 6:30pm (after I got off work) so we got some great shots of the city at dusk.  The weather was perfect for a boat ride – warm and breezy.  We decided to make a pit stop at the Jacksonville Landing (a little “hot spot” downtown with tons of restaurants and usually live music of some sort).  It was the day after Cinco de Mayo and I never did get a margarita, so we chose a Mexican restaurant, aptly named Cinco de Mayo, and ate there. It was by far the best Mexican food we’ve had here in Jax – the drinks were cheap, the salsa was fresh and the food was scrumptious! We both unintentionally stuffed ourselves a little too much!

Then we hopped back on the ferry for the last stop to get back to pier we parked at across the river.  On the way back the sun had set enough that the lights on the bridge and in the skylines were on. It was so pretty – I love the blue lights on the bridge! A short ride later and we were back where we started!

It was a fun night “on the town” and a relatively cheap date. My favorite part was discovering new places with hubs and having time to just sit and relax with him. Too often we’re “on-the-go” and so I really relish the times we get to sit and enjoy just being in the company of one another!

Do you have any cheap date ideas you’d like to share?





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  1. B! These pictures are amazing. Love the Bridge. My favorite bridge to drive over is the zakim bridge in Boston.. I go over it all of the time and it has blue lights like that. It is so pretty. Check out pics of it on Google. You’ll have to come visit me and snap some pics ;) <3

  2. Wow!!! You make downtown Jax look like a dream. Love this post! So glad y’all had a good time together. I think J and I have eaten at that restaurant…and it was amazing! Can’t wait to hang soon. Maybe we need to do an unusual/cool/out of the box double!
    Brooke recently posted..ValSoCal &amp beautifully broken shoutout!

  3. I’m eagerly awaiting everyone’s ideas for cheap dates…because now that dates include the cost of childcare, we’re VERY interested in doing free/low-cost things!

    I recently told Roger I’d like to look into trying out geo-caching. I mean, he has TWO color GPS units, we might as well USE them. Which we are NOT doing right now. In fact, I don’t even know if he KNOWS where they are. Maybe that’s why he sounded hesitant…
    jes recently posted..Bluebonnets!

  4. I love this…very romantic. I like to surprise my husband occasionally with a picnic. I make some fun stuff..bring a bottle of wine and our wedding glasses.Throw in a cute blanket to sit on…. drive to the beach and we just enjoy time together, without costing a lot. =))
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