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I’m a crafty girl; I attribute this to growing up with a crafty mother. Our kitchen counter was always 50% dedicated to crafting and 50% dedicated to cooking.  There was never a shortage of ribbons, sequins or hot glue sticks.  Fittingly, when I got engaged and began planning our wedding, I knew it would have several handmade elements to it.

I had seen many yardage signs on different websites and since we were having a backyard wedding I wanted to incorporate them somehow. I decided to make my own for many reasons, one being the whole project cost about $10.


My DIY yard sign from our wedding on 10-10-10


  • 3 –  1 x 2 x 36″ wooden strips/stakes (you can also use a lawn stake for a yard sale sign since it’s pre-cut, but it might be too short for the height you want) For this project I had 3 signs – you want enough stakes to have one per sign.
  • 2 – 2 x 4 x 8′ wooden boards
  • box of nails – at least 3 inches long
  • hammer
  • can of white spray paint – matte
  • 1 small bottle of black tempera paint + paintbrush
  • table saw (I had a friend who had one and let me use it)


  • Take your 3 wooden stakes and make two cuts on one end of them, so that you make them into arrow heads that can be hammered into the ground.  Set aside.

  • The 2 x 4 x 8 boards should be cut in half (you can have the hardware store do this for you) and then, similar to the wooden stakes, cut two angled cuts to make an arrow shape (see shape in finished product picture). Or, if you want you can also add cuts on the other end to give the arrow a tail, like the picture below.

image source

  • Lay out all the pieces and spray paint them white, making sure to get even coverage on all the sides and front and back.
  • If you want a more weathered look, use fine grain sandpaper to sand the edges lightly.
  • Determine where you will put the signs so you can arrange the lettering in the correct direction.
  • Once dry, write your lettering on the arrows lightly with a pencil. (Remember, use caution to write the lettering in the correct side of the arrow, so it will point in the right direction!)
  • When you have it just right, use black tempera paint and a fine-bristled paint brush to paint the lettering black. Let dry completely.

image source

  • When all the components are dry, lay the arrows letter-side down and place the stake on top, making sure to keep the arrow near the top, with just a little bit of the stake coming out the top.
  • Use your hammer and nails to affix the arrow placards to the stake. Make sure your nails are shorter than the thickness of both the arrow and the stake, but longer than the thickness of the stake so they can hold both pieces together.
  • You’re done! Simple use a rubber mallet to pound the signs into the ground around your wedding site!

One thing I want to note: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO A TABLE SAW, then you can still create your own wedding yard signs! Simply paint the board and then letter your sign and add an arrow, just like this picture:

image source

I used a duo sign where the backyard separated (ceremony to the left, reception to the right). I had a single sign pointing to the restrooms and one in the front yard pointing to the back yard that simply said, “Wedding.”

The signs turned out great and my MIL ended up stenciling the lettering and my mom’s husband ended up painting the lettering black. In a DIY wedding, having plenty of enthusiastic helpers on hand is crucial! I could not have pulled it all off (and maintained my sanity) without them!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I couldn’t love this more! SO adorable!

  2. I made signs like this for my wedding- but I made them completely from whatever scrap wood I could find out in the alley behind my house because I was too lazy/poor/stressed to go to the store a few days before and buy them… Still looked cute!

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